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The "CRE Solutions: News & Views" category on Fischer Solutions' blog is a vibrant space where commercial real estate (CRE) professionals can explore the latest trends, insights, and thought-provoking perspectives in the dynamic world of CRE.  By exploring these captivating topics, readers can stay informed, inspired, and connected to the ever-changing CRE world.


Portfolio Strategy is Easy, Right?

If portfolio strategy is a conversation your team is having, let’s lay out a scenario and see if it resonates. You are a real estate executive who just got an email from the CFO asking why our annual lease costs are up 5%.  You scramble around gathering emails, spreadsheets, previous and current lease agreements to…
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CRE Tech: Embracing the Revolution

Harnessing AI and Machine Learning for Common Commercial Real Estate Tasks in SaaS Applications The world of commercial real estate (CRE) has witnessed significant advancements in technology, reshaping the way businesses operate within the industry. At Fischer Solutions, we are leading the way for CRE tech advancements since the release our software in the 80’s.…
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Commercial Real Estate Technology: PropTech Data & Analytics

In the world of commercial real estate property management, the PropTech market is huge.  Future Market Insights reported it’s value at $18.2B in 2022 in the U.S. alone. Over the next 10 years, projections have its value reaching $86.5B. Commercial real estate technology is key for being competitive in today’s market. PropTech, short for Property…
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A Quick Guide to GASB 96:Government Accounting for Subscription Software

GASB 96 has garnered significant attention recently, as it was issued on May 20, 2023. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into what GASB 96 is, and its purpose for subscription-based information technology arrangements. Subscription-Based Information Technology Arrangements (SBITAs), also known as SBITAs, refer to contractual agreements between government entities and technology service providers.…
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Business Intelligence: The “Owl” of Corporate Real Estate  

Business Intelligence tools transform raw data into consumable information, but translating the findings can oftentimes be difficult to interpret. The art of conveying ideas effectively is a timeless challenge that transcends boundaries. From subtle nuances lost in translation to finding the right words to captivate an audience, conveying ideas requires finesse.   Business intelligence (BI) refers…
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OpEx Reconciliations in Commercial RE

In this blog, we will explore key strategies that can help commercial real estate professionals achieve successful OpEx reconciliations.  
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