Fischer Corporate Real Estate Services

Ready to work with you to get you where you need to be

We have the most hard-working and trustworthy people in the industry ready to work with you to get you where you need to be.

Fischer is a full-service corporate real estate firm providing strategic consulting, technology solutions, predictive business intelligence and analytics, and brokerage focused on tenants and occupiers only.

Our processes and our business intelligence tools have been designed to lower costs and optimize productivity, to ensure every transaction and every project is completed on time and ahead of schedule.

We promote, what we call “bottom line sustainability.”

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Strategic Portfolio Management

We will immerse ourselves in your business bringing corporate real estate expertise to every decision concerning your real estate portfolio. Each year we develop a measurable strategic plan with specific performances and economic objectives. Progress is constantly tracked against the strategic plan, so you’re always connected to your portfolio in real-time.

Technology Solutions

We were founded in 1985 and have been developing corporate real estate technology solutions since 1986. Technology is in our DNA. Our solutions are developed by our corporate real estate executives working together with our team of inspired developers to deliver market intelligence that goes way beyond your expectations. Our technology is constantly evolving to apply more effective and efficient ways to manage data, discern actionable insights, execute plans, track performance and report on results with ease and flexibility.

Brokerage Services

We deploy dedicated teams who perform a methodical evaluation of all market options, developing leverage to effectively negotiate the best possible deal terms on every transaction. This approach ensures consistent quality, improves communication, facilitates effective decision making and provides an audit-proof trail of our work for our clients.

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