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Optimize Your Location Utilization

Maximize your location performance with Fischer Solutions technology.

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Space Optimization

Monitors efficient use of space and identifies opportunities to improve utilization within the real estate portfolio. Utilize best practice workflow automation for optimization strategies ensuring maximum results. Identify gross potential savings and ROI against project costs to quantify the savings potential.

Total Cost of Ownership

Empowers teams by providing them with an all-inclusive singular view of expense data on every property which can be trended over time and compared to other properties.

  • Operating Expenses (vs. BOMA)

  • Electricity Management

  • Energy Efficiency Management

  • Property Tax Management

KPI Metrics

Creates custom performance indicators on any part of the portfolio and trends them over any timeframe.

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Expense Allocations

Allow all expenses to be allocated across multiple business units, types of space, etc.

Escalation Management

Oversees the escalation process from the time the landlord sends a statement to the time a potential audit is performed/closed.
Provides escalation history and details of where past savings have occurred.

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