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“Fischer’s standardized process, lease administration services, and use of ManagePath™ technology have enabled us to strategically manage and plan for the most cost-effective and efficient use of our real estate assets.”

— Director Global Real Estate Services - Top American Publishing Firm

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Life Insurance Service Provider

Integrate multiple data sources that require extensive manipulation into a single platform that allows them to identify opportunities for cost savings and efficiency.

Fischer implemented the Space Utilization module that allows the end user to model utilization, measure portfolio metrics and run scenarios using a series of assumptions and growth applications.

Visual Manager’s technology provided the client with up-to-the-minute strategies by analyzing consolidation and space optimization opportunities.

Fortune 50 Delivery Service Company

Standardized and automated critical department processes, financial models and reporting.

A series of automated tools were developed to automate each step of the transaction lifecycle including document storage, financial analysis, reporting and compliance.

A centralized platform reduced processes by up to 85% and provided a consistent method for evaluating projects, making decisions and tracking results.

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Large Agricultural Producer

Reduce costs associated with real estate and transportation by consolidating their network of warehouses within a short deadline due to the seasonality effects on business.

An algorithm was created to optimize a transportation network of more than 100,000 routes annually between nearly 50 underutilized warehouses and over 300 destination points to precisely determine the most efficient locations to occupy.

A rapid development of a strategic plan resulted in $10M in value-add through consolidating over 20 warehouses into six key warehouses and adding new Build-to-Suit locations while maximizing the efficiencies of their distribution network.

Fortune 50 Multinational Technology Corporation

Aggregate enterprise systems, excel spreadsheets, emails and invoices into a centralized solution to automate the leasehold escalation process and report the results

Developed a single platform to run real-time analytical models to immediately expose opportunities to challenge landlord statements

Automated 75% of the process, replaced monthly reports with real-time analytics and allowed the client to report $4M in documented savings within the first two years.

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